Exploring Thailand's Medical Landscape

Over the last year GROM has been growing 44% QoQ. We are keeping this momentum going as we are expending into new markets. We have seen strong interest in Australia, the USA, and we are now also dipping our toes into Thailand.

RCOST Event in Pattaya

Our first stop was Bangkok with a combination of clinic visits and CEBIT. The latter was the first edition of this event - which stems out of Germany - in ASEAN. It was great to meet up with Zeekdoc and several other local healthcare companies.

Hereafter, we made our way down to Pattaya for the 40th anniversary of the Royal College of Orthopaedic Surgeons of Thailand (RCOST). This event gave us great insights into (non-)invasive medical device trends and key players. We had the pleasure to sit down with several foot & ankle surgeons, distributors, and local manufacturers. It made us realize how applicable our B2B workflow solution is for many products beyond our current offering. For example, we got in touch with this amazing company that is making 3D printed prosthetic arms for Thai military veterans.

We will be spending two more days following up with leads in Pattaya and Bangkok before making our way to Tokyo. Here we are attending follow-up meetings with several leading insurance and medical software companies. It’s shaping up to being an exciting month for the GROM team.

Stay tuned!

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