Australias Health Disconnect

Australia has held the perception that we are quite the active, outdoors types. That we eat well and enjoy a good standard level of general health. However, a December 2018 update to a major report first released in 2016 by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare suggests quite a different reality is emerging in Australia.

The 2016 report noted that:

  • 50% of Australians are living with a chronic disease

  • 63% of adults are overweight & obese

  • 85% describe their health as “good - very good”

Some updates at the end of 2018 show that:

  • Australia has the 3rd highest rate of overweight and obese men in the OECD. (The USA and then Chile in 1st & 2nd place respectively)

  • Yearly, 186 circulatory system related deaths per 100,000 people make this the second most common cause of death in Australia, behind cancer.

  • Australia’s average life expectancy is 82.6 years - 6th highest amongst OECD countries.

Healthcare professionals are pointing to an increase in related disease and treatment methods in light of this current data. With the link between overweight, Type 2 Diabetes and circulatory system related disease being very well established, there is enough data to suggest a surge in the number of patients requiring treatment for symptoms related to these diseases in the form of lower limb and foot orthoses. And for longer than previous generations.

Total costs of obesity in Australia

Total costs of obesity in Australia

Production laboratories, podiatrists and contemporary medical professionals will see a significant increase in patient traffic and the associated patient data, images, client communications, prescription creation, billing and parcel track and trace. Like most others, there are probably 6 to 10 different platforms, systems and cumbersome workflows handling these tasks currently. With growing scan images, deeper prescription forms and a 24 hour demand for information from both clinicians and patients - it’s worthwhile stepping back and looking at current workflow practices - and solutions.

The unique workflow solution from GROM bundles the powers of all of these communication streams into one intuitive and easy to use space. Your clinicians can scan patients, fill your prescription form and submit a production order in one iPad App. They can monitor its progress and see where it is in production in real time. We make it as easy for your reception staff to locate customer X’s order. Immediately and without the need to call or email back - something that can be so easily forgotten in today’s busy production laboratory. Reducing handling time while managing security and risk priorities is greatly enhanced; we don’t use free 3rd party file sharing platforms to handle your sensitive patient data. Ever.

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