Tackling Communications Issues in the Medical Device Industry

An integrated messaging platform is not only used for convenience but, in the case of bespoke medical devices for example, is essential to minimize erroneous devices that resulted from ineffective communication between clinicians and producers.


In the age of social media, a robust messaging interface is one of the key foundations of any digital solutions that aim to connect users. With messaging apps like WhatsApp and WeChat, the bar has been set high for all the existing and future messaging platforms. This has pushed developers to not only build a functional interface but implement features that we are accustomed to.

The lack of 21st century communication solutions is glaring amongst producers of medical devices.  We have learned that 25% of their bespoke devices, such as foot orthosis, are incorrectly produced of which 75% are due to communication issues. This is an extremely high percentage which eats up the profits for both clinicians and producers.

Common post-submission queries include clarifying prescription details in case of typo, changing the shipping or billing address, adding last minute modifications to the order, requesting for urgent production and delivery, and asking for special requests that are not accounted in the prescription form. Communicating these issues over email or phone calls is not as effective as instant messaging, especially for regions with greater time-zone differences.

At GROM, our clients have been using our Order Management System (OMS) with integrated messaging interface for over a year. In this period, less than 5% of orthosis were incorrectly produced with less than 1% errors due to communication. Furthermore, GROM has reduced, by a factor of 20, product returns due to communication issues. Our OMS mobile app makes it even more convenient for users to leverage the power of our messaging platform when they are away from their iPads and PCs. A welcome and dramatic impact on positive patient outcomes!

With a robust messaging platform, bespoke medical device producers, labs and clinicians can improve their services, increase profits, and reduce preventable operational expenses.

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