Is there momentum for Healthtech in Australia?

The world is facing a huge healthcare challenge with a growing diabetic and aging population (to just name a few). The Australian public and private is making a heavy push into healthcare technology. Throughout my stay in Melbourne the momentum of this push was highly apparent judging by the capital commitments of over A$15 Million by the state of Victoria and determination of local stakeholders.


AUSTrade Networking

On my second night in Australia Nik (GROM’s Director of ANZ) were invited to an ASEAN & Hong Kong networking event in Melbourne. We were warmly welcomed by Australia’s National Digital Health Initiative (ANDHealth) and by several representatives of Victoria’s leading Universities and business. There was a strong sense of purpose amongst all parties to get Australia into the region and vice versa. It was great to see how local stakeholders were extremely interested to learn about the SEA region and their willingness to grab a coffee and accelerate GROM’s market penetration.


After a quick recharge at the GROM hub (Frankston or “Frangers”) we returned to the city for a second day of events. ANDHealth had invited me to be a panelist to discuss the state of Digital Health in ASEAN & Hong Kong. Interestingly, I had my reservations about the event but I was completely proven wrong. Industry experts were gathered for  discussion on AI and its potential impact on healthcare. Going in, I was sceptical as digital health is far from pervasive in SEA healthcare. The prospect of having a discussion on AI while most people are working with paper felt like a typical hype driven startup event. As soon as the panel started, it was great to see that my fellow panelists from Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Singapore clearly moved away from AI. Audience questions illustrated that our message was clearly understood. Forget about AI (for now), SEA needs a clear strategy when it comes to: legal, access, and cross socio-economic adoption.

The openness and eagerness to learn from their neighbors really illustrated that the ambitions of Australia are beyond spraying money. There is an exciting acceleration in Australia’s health technology industry and GROM is proud to be part of it.

Want to exchange ideas with my director of ANZ or myself? Come and see us in Adelaide this week!

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