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Most people, including us at Intrinsik, are amazed by how we are already halfway through 2019. All the clichés about time flying by fast are running through our minds while we are trying to pace ourselves with our ambitious deadlines and tasks. While we are working hard to deliver upcoming features on the Intrinsik OMS, it is easy to overlook the progress we have had over the past 6 months. Among the updates, we have a few major ones that have significantly enhanced the entire OMS experience.


Managing Users:

The OMS (Online Management System) is built to connect the entire workflow all the way from a clinician to the producer. The success of our system relies on how easily multiple parties are connected and managed. We introduced the Manage Users page to allow our users to see their connected parties – the clinicians, companies, labs or producers they are associated with – as well as to invite new parties on to the system. Consequently, we were able to make the onboarding process even smoother and easier.

Reports and Invoices:

In order to build an all-in-one solution, we integrated the invoicing and billing features on the OMS. The Reports page shows all the orders, categorized by billing cycle and sorted by each company. We let the labs chose their pricing models along with half price or any other custom prices they want to set in. Thereby, allowing the Labs to see the reports of the past orders Meanwhile, more billing features are expected to go live in the coming months.

Dispute Settlement:

Our seamless integrated messaging has significantly reduced error rates in production. However, errors are inevitable. Our latest feature has enabled labs and clinicians to file a dispute, with a reason, of an order if there’s any issue with it. The producer can then accept the dispute and suggest a possible solution, for example, a free or half price remake. The dispute can then be settled with a resolution, with all the communication on the OMS.

These are just the major updates we have over the past months. On the side, we have introduced order status timestamps, custom order numbers, orders with FoamBox scans, and many more. Thanks to the feedback from our customers, we are constantly learning and growing. A successful first half of 2019 makes us even more optimistic and hopeful for the next six months.

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