To APAC and beyond!

To APAC and beyond! GROM’s response to Asia’s healthcare trends  

Before we knew it, we’re more than half way through 2019.  We at GROM have been hard at work infusing technology into the medical device industry.  As my cofounder Koen Munneke and my colleague Nik Summers mentioned in their previous articles, health-tech is definitely on a strong growth path within APAC.  Now, reading and learning about these trends is great, but making them actionable has been our focus in 2019, pushing forward into the next key markets.

From recent industry insight, we have noticed a growing trend of technology being adopted in the Australian healthcare industry. Recently, Koen and Nik embarked on a journey down (under) in Melbourne and Adelaide to meet with industry experts and laboratories to understand their needs.  We’re firm believers of getting to know our customers and improving our product based on customer feedback, so the conferences are quite eye opening. The feedback that was given to us validated our idea: Labs and producers want innovation, but many of them are not sure where to start, or often been burnt out by starting early, with high development cost, and limited products. Long story short, they see the benefit of our product. Next stop: conversion. There been inbound interest as well from other regions, you'll hear more about them when deals begin to solidify.


As we entered 2019, GROM has been heavily investing into our core platform.  One key takeaway from our surveys to various laboratories is that on average, up to 19% of all bespoke orders are either delayed or returned due to various types of error.  With that in mind, we’ve created a “dispute” function that allows manufacturers to reach a mutual resolution with their clinicians, and even adjust the pricing of the order according to the agreement in a streamlined process.

With all this development, GROM is also very excited to open our Operation Center in Malaysia.  We enlisted Geng Qian Choo (previously active at reputable health and technology companies) for the exciting task of setting up our office, and recruitment effort is well underway for various positions.  Koen and I first met Qian at the MaGIC accelerator in Kuala Lumpur two years ago, and have been waiting for the opportunity to collaborate.  We couldn’t think of a better time than now to start. We will be looking for engineers, UX/UI designers, and other posts in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled, or contact Qian ( for more information.

There are still more revelations to come very soon (next month?), but until that time, we’ll keep it a secret.  We’re all looking forward to see what the remainder of the year has in store. Stay tuned!

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