Is Intrinsik for you (as a candidate)?

It's no secret that Intrinsik is hiring (our tech team and more) in Malaysia.  In his last blog post, my co-founder talked about how we as founders try to lead by example and shared some of our company values. To add onto that, I want to talk about what we look for beyond technical and academic qualifications, and how this all ties back to Intrinsik's company value.  Having a set of company values and enforcing them are two different things.

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In many established MNC (at least in my telco experience), you usually hear about the company's mission/vision statement on your first day of work before being ushered to your desk.  If you search the 'About Us' section of their websites, you'll find something about culture and value, but chances are, you'll never pay attention to them during your tenure there.  

So what's the problem, does this hinder your job in any way? Maybe, maybe not.  It really depends on how you look at your job. Is this just another means to an end or another paycheck? As long as you've completed all your tasks, you're done for the day? Or do you want something more from your work? Research by consulting companies like Deloitte and Bain have found positive correlation between employee engagement and company culture.

My first experience with a company that effectively harnessed the power of company culture/value was at DoubleDutch, helmed by Lawrence Coburn.  I was the only employee in APAC when I joined.  The company's app was repurposed for internal use, and it was amazing to see colleagues posting achievements #R2D2 and (sometimes) irresponsible kitchen behaviors #noassholesallowed on the app,  and tagging the values. As a remote employee, it was a great way to connect with international colleagues and learn first hand about company culture. 

After joining Intrinsik, even though Intrinsik was a team of three, with tons of deadlines looming, we took 2 hours per week for a few weeks, to draft up our company values, which can easily be found on our 'Who We Are'. 

Any candidate during their interview process will eventually come across our culture interview, where we discuss their past cultural experience.  That being said, prior experience with these specific values are not required, we would sit down and discuss which value resonates most with them.  During their journey with Intrinsik, we also incorporate the values discussions in performance reviews, reflection meetings, all the way up to their exit interviews. From time to time, we also ask our colleagues to voice out if these values are still valid, and implement changes to the definition as necessary.  As the company grows, we recognize that our values will have to grow with us.

KPIs and numbers change all the time, but we believe that all employees must stay grounded (one of the Intrinsik values) and recognizes that our company operates on a set of values that remains constant. If this article resonates to you, we'd love to hear about your experiences with company values, let's have a chat.

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