Rebranding: From GROM to Intrinsik

After 4 years of proudly marching under the GROM banner, we have decided to roll out our new brand name: Intrinsik. This new name will be accompanied by the tagline “Connecting the Dots”. Both embody the connection to our customers and how we fundamentally improve their core activities.


The name Intrinsik - which comes from ‘intrinsic’ - most commonly refers to a sense of belonging naturally or being essential. In medical production terms, it also translates to performing a specific device correction to meet the needs of the patient. This embodies the essence of our company as we develop seamless and symbiotic relationships with medical device producers. These partnerships focus on improving organizational fundamentals through tailored solutions that optimize and fundamentally improve relationships between producers and clinicians.

Aside from these literal definitions, the three dotted i’s add an additional level of meaning to our new name. We primarily service three user groups (clinicians, laboratories, and external producers) which are directly connected through our platform. So Intrisik is truly “Connecting the Dots” for our users.

To end on a lighter note, now that our rebranding is finally completed - the name was first coined by my Co-Founder 1.5 year ago - we will no longer have to explain why feet go well with gelato. Think about it.

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